Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Rose Bud Bracelet

Valentine's Day Rose Bud Bracelet
This is a cheap and cheerful bracelet for Valentine's day, it is also very easy to make. I plan on wearing a black dress with black tights and black pumps on my Valentine's date with my fiance so I needed some color other then my red hair. I bought this pink and glitter ribbon at a local fabric store but with a few dots of glue with your glue gun and some loose glitter your ribbon can look just like mine.
What you will need. 
Chain/clasp or a ready chain bracelet. 
(I used two types of gold tone chain bought on etsy)
Head pins.
Few tools. 
(check the link below about wire wrapping to see the tools I use)
(You can find the head pins and faux pearls at a local crafts store)
Glue gun.

You can see how I did the rose bud with this tutorial.
Set your rose aside. 
Wire wrap your pearls on half the front of the bracelet, leave a little space on one side free of pearls to put your rose. 
You can see how I do wire wrapping here in my older post here, just
With your heated glue gun add a good amount of glue to the back of the rose and press it on the chain. You can add some extra glue to the back of the rose ones on to over the other side of the chain if you feel it is needed. 
You can also sew on a jump ring or two to the back of the rose if you don't feel the glue is good enough. I have done bracelets like this for others before and just the glue was fine. If I was giving it to a kid I probably would sew it on though.
Try it on and add a pew more pearls if needed or to the other side of the rose if that tickles your fancy.
Once you are happy with it you are done.

If you like ribbon jewelry check out this bracelet tutorial I did here.

Hope you enjoy! 
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

I am going to make another soon so if you would like me to do a step by step picture tutorial just leave a comment below and I will update! 
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