Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Julep July 2013 Review!

I got my box a little over a week ago but am just getting around to post about it... been too busy to play with my new goodies since I had friends and family over to the 4th.

Anyway, my Julep box came with a few surprises this month. The first being that my add on was in the box! I always thought it was a waste to break up an order for the packing materials and for the cost of shipping that may be eating away at a could be price drop/discount! A free goodie (which Julep is known to add in a box here and there) blotting papers, these came just in time for my road trip from Arizona to California to pick up my kid sister... 12 hours in a car while it was 119 degrees, I had some blotting to do.
The last surprise was how cute the boxes were! I saw on there facebook page that someone had made bookmarks with them. I have a few cute frame that I am going to put these in and hang it by my computer:)
I got the Modern Beauty box this month so I didn't get a polish in the box, I did get this beauty "Blakely" as my add on though. When I want both products I get the box with both and get the polish as an add on, it ends up saving me a few bucks for or Jules getting the products as a bundle.
I only used one coat of Blakely here, I was happy with the coverage. I added gold foil to the tips, you can see how I apply the foil here.
This is why I went with Modern Beauty... as soon as I saw this I had to try it! after using it a few times I don't know how I feel about it though. I tried it on dry hair and it was a no go, I tried it on towel dried hair and again no luck but then I tried with really wet hair and it worked! It seems for me I have to just brush my hair and spray it with nothing else in my hair and while wet. I was happy with how it looked and smelled but it does give your hair the feel of being at the beach. I'll play with it more and post pictures later, I need to play with it more.
Ah, the beach tonic. I was not crazy excited about it although I did want to try it. I sprayed it and I was very surprised at how much I liked it and how great a product it was. It was not oily after you rub it in, the scent is so light and lovely and it made my skin feel very nice.  My fiance likes the smell of it too, it is always nice to have the person always by you like the way you smell. He is not a fan of it n him though. I have already used a good chunk of the stuff, I love it and will be getting more of the stuff.
Here is a better picture of the boxes, too cute!
The freebie of the box that isn't even a sample size! I always love the freebies they add. I do hope that I see these is their shop soon, they are always handy to have on hand. I also getting married soon so these would be nice to add to my bridal emergence kit.
Best thing about this box is I used my Jules so it didn't cost me anything this month!

If you got the box what colors did you get? What was your favorite thing in it?
I'd have to say I like the Toxic the best.

If you’re not a Maven, sign up here, take the style quiz, and use the code FREEBOX to get your intro box for free (plus $3.99 shipping)!  You have until the 19th or so to be able to order the next coming box. There’s nothing to lose! If you don’t like what’s in the box, you also have until the 24th to skip if you don't want the box, and you won’t be charged a thing!
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