Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Simple DIY Drilled Stone Pendants

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Agate, jasper and quartz, oh my!

I had a few stones just laying around for a while... a long while really & I needed to do something with them. I was going to make some wire wrapped rings but I just don't feel like wire wrapping right now. My boyfriend got a new drill not so long ago so I thought hey, I'll make little pendants out of them. I think they came out pretty well, each stone is pretty enough to be a pendant on its own.
You can find more pictures of all of these on my bonanza page.
More jasper!
And quartz!
A few things you will need for this is!

A drill & small bit, jewelers glue of some kind, stones with no holes (you can cheat and just use beads, I've done that before), eye pins or bails,  water and a place to work!

I didn't think to take pictures as I did it but I will update this soon with my own how to at home friendly version. I did fine this tutorial to share is very helpful.

This is a very simple project. All you have to do it, mark where you want your hole, secure your stone for drilling and place it in water. Drill a small hole about halfway into the stone, add glue to your eye pin or bail and put it in the hole you made, let them sit for however long the glue you are using says (I like to let them site 24-48 hours regardless of what it says) and you are good to go and ready to wear your new pendant! 
Let me know if you give it a try, link your goodies before if you'd like. I' love to see them!

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  1. Did you have a lot of these split or break? I have a massive sea glass collection I want to use in my jewelry but I'm worried about ruining all of it.

    1. I did not but I have been drilling little things like this for a long time now. I never had any split or break but a few times I did make the hole too big, too deep or scratched the stone some on the top due to nervous hands. I would suggest making sure that your glass is not going to move at all so you can have your hands free of worry and just take it slow.

  2. Fantastic ...I luv to try, but not sure how to find the tools for this beautiful stone pendants