Friday, November 16, 2012

Repair your split or cracked nail with a tea bag!

How to repair your split or cracked nail with a tea bag.
 I don't know what I did but today I noticed that I have two chipped nails. Thankfully, a friend taught me a trick a few years back, you can repair the nail with a tea bag!

What you will need is a tea bag, nail glue/super glue/polish, scissors, file, and a chipped nail or two.
This is a pretty quick repair too, took me about 5 minutes with drying time :)
Cut a small piece of your tea bag for you nail. I cut and used 3 pieces.
Let your cat smell a piece so she can see that what you are doing isn't that interesting and leave you alone. You can then get back to you nails.
I like to make sure the size is just right. If the piece does not stick you can lick your nail.. 
that's what I do.
After it is where you want it to be add a drop or two of your glue or polish. I would recommend glue over polish. Since the chip on my middle finger was kinda bad I used two pieces. I did one and let it dry then placed the second on and added more glue. I filed the tip once everything was dry.
 I used one piece for my index.
Paint right over your patch work.
 And you are done! 
You can do this every or every other day if needed so you don't have to cut back all over your nails, it will give some time to let the messed up nail grow without ruining the nail of your nails.
Cant even tell :)


  1. Love your color, what the name of that polish?

    1. Thank you so much, I am a huge fan of the color! It is Kleancolor metallic fuschia & holo teal on top. If you don't add the holo teal it is a very different color when it drys and not as pretty. If you get some I would recommend using a very good top coat because this brand will peel off like Elmer's glue after one day.