Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Winter Inspired Pink Glitter Matte Nails

I got my Matte Top Coat add on from Julep last week, it came shortly after my November box!
I wanted to do something kinda wintry and this is what I came up with. I like how it came out but while everything was drying it kind of looked like Elmer's glue mixed with glitter so now that's all I can think off!
Pink Glitter Matte Nails
Here's what you'll need: A matte top coat (I used the new Julep matte top coat), a white base color, glitter, and maybe a small brush.
First, prep for your manicure, to make it last longer. Remove your old polish, if any, and soak your hands in warm water for a few minutes. Trim your nails and push back your cuticles but don't cut them. Do not use lotions or oils on your hands before you start, it may make the dry time longer.
Paint your nails with one or two coats of your base color.
While the polish is still a little wet lightly dip your nail in the glitter.
Make sure to cover your whole nail in the glitter.
Tap the tip of your nail on the lid and whip off extra and loose glitter so you don't waste any.
If you missed any spots you can add some of the glitter on with your brush too.
Add a your matte top coat and you are done!
I applied 2 heavy coats to help cover the texture of the glitter.
For a more winter look try blue glitter. 

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