Friday, November 2, 2012

November Julep Maven Suede Polish Box.

My November Julep Maven box has come!
Matte suede polish!
 I thought it wasn't going to come till this weekend but when I opened my door this morning there was a little black box with my name on it.
The goodies! 
This box was a lot cuter then my intro box, came with extra goodies too.
 Brit, Minka, 3 Polish Remover Pads and Body Frosting.
 My intro box didn't have the pads, it was nice to just whip off my old polish right when I opened the box and start to play with the new colors. Sadly, my matte top coat add on to was just shipped so it didn't come in the box.
The body frosting is a very lovely treat and I think when this runs out I will be buying more & it may be a Christmas gift for a couple people. It smells like sherbet!
 The back of the it made me smile too:)
To do your nails like mine, apply a base color (I used Brit) after your base color dies make a X with tape on your nails leaving a triangle at the tip. Paint the triangle with your feature color (I used Minka) and apply your crystals then top coat.
 To see a step by step tutorial and to see how I add the crystals check out my older post here.
The top picture is of the matte suede polish with no top coat and this picture is with a good ol' glossy top coat. I really like the Brit with the matte look and can't wait to get the top coat so it last longer but I do like the Minka better glossy.
So this was box 2 for me, so far pretty happy. I love the holidays so I am happy to see next month's box!

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