Thursday, October 25, 2012

My first Julep Box.

I have seen a few boxed goodie offers here and there and after many months of thinking about joining one I decided to give it a try when I found the Julep Maven box.  I'd been meaning to try there polish anyway since a friend talked so highly of it. I joined but didn't sign up for my box, I wanted to check out their colors and maybe read a review or two but then I forgot to look up those thing and to sign up for the box. A few weeks later I got an email about their suede colors and an offer I could not pass up!

I took their quiz and found out that I am a classic with a twist.
The word "classic" threw me off but I was pleasantly surprise at how much I liked the colors and the bit of fashion shown for us twisty classics. After liking what I saw I signed up for my box and paid only $4, thank you very much email offer!    
On Saturday my brother who told me that I can a box on my patio and brought it in. I thought the box wasn't going to come till after the 27th but I guess your first box is shipped out right when you order it. My brother and sister were staying over for my sisters unbirthday, she turned 14 but her birthday was on a school day so we had it over the weekend so I could see her. Anyway, I couldn't play with it because family was over but today I cracked that baby open and look what I got!
Jodie, Sophie and The Best Pedi Creme Ever!
I am a fan of both color I got in the box. I couldn't decided witch to try first so I just went with both and they look pretty good together. I really like how beige/grey colors look next to my skin so Sophie is my favorite from this box.
Visit my blog post here to see how I made such clean lines.
My elbows get a little dry so I have been using the creme them, after just a few days they are very soft. I'm not gonna lie, I am not a huge fan of the smell. After a few minutes of it being on it smells lovely but when you first apply it the smell punches you in the face!

Overall I am very happy with my first box and I am very exited about my next. I don't know if I will like the colors as much but I can't wait to get the matte top coat polish I have as an add on.

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