Thursday, July 18, 2013

July Ipsy Glam Bag Review!

 My Ipsy bag has come and I love it!
 I think this is my favorite bag that they have had since I joined.
There are a few things that I don't love but I think the bag is making me over look them, it is just so cute.
I love all things that exfoliates so when I saw this in a sneak peek on their facebook page I was instantly in love and crossing my fingers I would get it. I have use it once and it is love!
 I am taking full advantage of the discount offered and already have an order in place with them.
 I have yet to use this but I live in Arizona and will be driving to California in less then 2 weeks to drop my sister off who came to saty with me thing summer. I am going to pop it in my purse and take it with!
 I was so very excited about the Benefit Tint Gloss that was in the sneak peek and was hoping I would get it but sadly when I looked in my glam room and saw that I would be getting this and not the gloss. I was then hoping for the Coral Crush that was listed on the products page on Ipsy. I was so very very happy when I saw it in my bag. This is my favorite item from this month and I'm not even a fan of Pop Beauty!
 I would have never bought this so thank you Ipsy for putting this in my bag!
You can find this look on Ipsy here, like it to help me win this month challenge! 
 I have received a few big sexy hair things since I have joined and I am too excited about em. I gave away one, never used another but I did give it a try since the humidity was about 40% last week.
 Thanks to my pa I get a bit of a fro in such weather and as you can see by this bad cell phone picture this stuff works! I might actually by more of this if I see it at Target.
You can find this look on Ipsy here, like it to help me win this month challenge! 
 I was very excited for this and I had read a few good reviews and other blogs.
 I was hoping for matte colors but a few shimmery ones came with purple. 
Since I did just dye my hair pink and purple I wasn't bummed to see it.
 I have Malibu in the corner of my eye and San Fran starting in the middle on the upper and lower lashline into the crease of my eye and Hollywood in my crease going to my brow. Malibu is the only shining star in this trio.
You can find this look on Ipsy here, like it to help me win this month challenge!  
 Pretty In Plum by Nicole by OPI was an extra goodie from their referral program that just started.
I just did my nails so I will play with this in a few days.
These are the other goodies from the glam room that were not in my bag but others got.
They gave out more Nailtini polish.
 They have contests with the items in the bags so I wanted in on the Nailtini one and did this!
I had won the first contest I was in from the first month I joined so with "Bordeaux" from the nail cocktail collection I won I did this! The inspiration for this look is from my inspired by water look here.
You can find this look on Ipsy here, like it to help me win this month challenge!   
If you are a member of Ipsy, what did you get? 
What was your favorite item(s) this month?

If you are not already side up join me on ipsy and subscribe to the Glam Bag! You get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10. Michelle Phan curates the bags! 
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  1. Ahhhh, you're too cute T_T I so wanted the Coral Crush shade but I ended up with the flirty fushia... :-(