Sunday, November 18, 2012

Spice up your pinboard.

I recently changed our guest bedroom into my home studio! It was the office for my roommate, fiance and myself before a guest bedroom but it was very hot with all of us who work all work from home with 3-6 computers all going at once... network guys.We had people over but they crashed on our couch so it became just an unused room. Since it was not being used I decided to take all my work stuff and put it in one space, it was half in my bedroom and half in the living room.

Since I no longer have to share space with guys I can make things more girly :)
I found a roll of glitter paper and covered the cork board a few months ago using just the paper and a glue gun. I think now that I have the pink tape on it I will change it to a teal or baby blue.
You will need a roll of fancy duct tape, I found this tape online but I have seen it everywhere.
You will also need scissors and a glue gun.
I had never used the fancy tape before so the night before I taped up the board and it looked great but in the morning all the tape started to come off.
So I strongly recommend using a glue gun to help keep the tape down, glue the front and the back.
Once you are happy with your board and everything is down and staying down hang it up!

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