Monday, November 19, 2012

Orange smoothie just like the dream machine!

I have loved the Orange Dream Machine smoothie from Jamba Juice since the first day I had many years ago. I recently have been getting it a couple times a week but sadly had a cold last week and didn't feel up to going out of the house just for a drink so I looked for a recipe that would match and played till I was happy with it. It still is a little different from it is so good & will save me some money doing it at home so I can have more!

For a large smoothie-
7oz of Orange Juice
4oz of Soy milk
2 scoops of orange sherbet
2 scoops of vanilla frozen yogurt
and a scoop of crushed Ice

Add the liq­uids on the bot­tom first, then the solids and finally the ice.
Using a house­hold blender, blend until it’s a creamy smoothie.
Poor in a fun glass with a straw and a piece of fruit for a garnish.

Done and done, enjoy!

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