Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DIY Gold Foil Chip Nails

I recently picked up some foil to play with and for my etsy shop. I have been obsessed with blue and gold together so I was pretty excited to give it a try.
I went with a rainbow gold foil.
You can find this foil here.
The blue polish is Club Prive by L'Oreal Paris.
It unfolded by itself like magic!
Using a toothpick, dotting tool or your finger make a few pieces that you will be using. If you are using it om the whole nail then cut it into ten pieces to fit your nail. This stuff is fragile so be gentle with it.
Wet the end of your toothpick or dotting tool with water and apply the foil to you almost dry nail. I picked the pieces up with my finger tip but if you want to make sure it goes in the spot you want using a toothpick or dotting tool would be better.
Once the foil is on your nail press it down some, if you want a chipped look rub it around your nail lightly so you don't smudge you polish but you break smaller pieces off and move them around the nail.
The foil also just rubs off the skin so if you get some next to the nail but move it back to the nail so you don't waste any :)
Apply a coat or two of your favorite top coat and you are done! 

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