Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY Nail Polish Color

Make a custom color polish in less then 5 minutes ay home!
 I have been working on my own polish line that I will have up for sale on etsy soon. Before I got all the real goodies to make polish from scratch I use to use mica powders, glitter and broken eye shadows to make colors more to my liking or to just make my own color.
 What you will need.
A bottle of polish, mica/glitter/eye shadow, a towel for easy clean up and a funnel.
 I made my own funnel :)
 I used a polish called Invisible (it's not a top coat but you can use that if you want) that was less the $3.
 Place you brush/top to the side and place the funnel in bottle. Cut back the bottom of the funnel or hold it so it doesn't touch the polish, when you pour in your color it will get stuck in the funnel.
 Boom, color!
If you are using eye shadow or make up that isn't powder make sure to crush it into a powder before adding it. You will have lumps in your polish if you don't.
 You can add glitter or other colors if you'd like, play with it until you are happy.
 Shake that baby up!
 Apply your polish and you are done!
Enjoy your new custom polish!
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