Friday, June 28, 2013

4th of July Nails!

Getting ready for the 4th!

 The goodies you will need.
Nail art tape.
Base (by Julep)
 Red (Jackie by Julep) 
White (French White Creme by Wet n' Wild)
 Blue (Ally By Julep) 
Glitter (America by Julep) 
Red Nail Art (Be my Valentine by SinfulColors)
Top coat (Freedom)
Star stickers (bought at Target)
Red, clear or white and blue crystals (store in LA)
Dotting tool (Etsy)
 When getting the star stickers make sure they fit you nail beds so you dont have to cut too much off.
 After you apply your base apply white to you index and middle fingers, red to your thumb and blue to you ring finger.
Apple blue to 1/4 of your nail. You want the base of you nail to stay white for you stripes of the flag.
You can use tape to help keep the lines clean and to make this look neater.. or if you just need the help :)
 Using your nail art red polish starting under the blue make your first red stripe.
Continue making stripes and made a few to your middle finger also.
 When you are done with your stripes apply a few dots with your dotting tool to the blue on your index fingers for the stars of the flag. I like to put my polish I will be dipping in on a piece of tape for easy clean up.
 Done, done and done! What a lovely flag you have!
 Get your crystals ready and apply a small amount of clear polish on your tape.
 Apply a small dot where each crystal is going to on nail with the clear polish and then apple the crystals.
 The stars a pretty easy, just pick up and place.
 I was going to only apply one but since my nails are pretty long right now I decided I wanted two!
 If you have some hangover like I have here, don't worry just cut the extra off.
 All better!
 Apply your glitter starting at the base of your thumb. Try to keep the bigger chucks near your base so it looks like it is fading.
 Apply your top coat and you are done!

If you like this look check out my other patriotic nails from earlier this month! 

Thanks for stopping by and Happy 4th or Canada Day if you are near but not here!

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