Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Something Blue VoxBox has come!

I  joined Influenster a few weeks ago, I posted about it and this box before it came here.
Yesterday my first Voxbox came! It was much smaller then I though the box would be, I guess I had the Julep box in mind :p
Anyway, here are the goodies that came... and the ninja that have taken over my box!
The first thing I took out of the box was this Luster Now! whiting toothpaste. It also came with a booklet full of coupons :) I am going to start it tonight and will update with a review 6.14.13!
My Trio Rings sent a pamphlet. The rings look lovely but truth be told my ring is better and I don't think I would buy from them. This was a bridal box and I am engaged... with a ring already. I know some ladies get engaged without a ring or the ring comes later but there is no ring needed in my house and as I said in my last post, my wedding band and my fiance's ring are already taken care of also. As a goldsmith my review these rings as frozen spit as me and my old boss would call em. As I tell everyone, just go to a ma and pa store and get it done well and custom. Even on a budget a smaller store will be more than happy to help you and the chance of hand picking your own goodies goes up. If you have a small budge or just don't care this site will work for you but I would suggest to check out a few local small shops (not mall stores like Kay's it is the same as My Trio Rings) and do a little window shopping and ask a few questions, you may be surprised at what you can find :) Now, if I were to pick from their shop these two would be on my list. They are very cute and the prices are pretty good, quick and cheap jewelry just isn't for me. I don't mind a good deal but don't want cheap. Sadly, I am too picky so my fiance is too scared to get me jewelry. Anyway, they have good prices but scream cheap materials to me. I have nothing in front of me so this review is just off of their site and the pamphlet sent.
5/8 Carat Diamond Ladies' Engagement Ring 14K Yellow Gold1/8 Carat Diamond Women's Wedding Band 14K Yellow Gold
Kiss eyelashes sent two packs, one full and one very full! As I posted before I thought they would be sending nail stickers due to the brand name posted on the site. I was excited for stickers but am happy with the lashes and have used them before. These are cute, look good on and easy to use. They also came with a coupon code. I think this is my favorite sample from the box. It came with more then one to pick from, discount, and instructions. Everything I need to pick what one I like and to get more. I will post a picture soon of them on.
I have been working out and my aches and pains have gone up! Next time I over do it... I will give this guy a shot and post how it went.
Q-tips! They sent the precision tip ones and I am so thankful! I have a ton of the regular tip ones and always forget to grab these although they have been on my metal list for ever! These are great for cleaning up my nails and make up under my eyes. These bad boys will be going in my bride's box for sure.
Dr. Scholls for Her Ball of Foot slips. I have been using Dr. Scholls for years, working years in retail they have saved me from a ton of pain. I also have tiny feet for being 5'7" (5.5-6) and they always are a great fit for my shoes. Love em and would by them again, these will be added to my brides box for my special day also.

So that was the Something Blue box. If you got it want did you like best? Anything you are going to be more of?
This box was sent free to me for review.
If you're a member are you getting a VoxBox this coming month?
What are you getting?!
If not join me on Influenster to see if you qualify for a free VoxBox!
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