Thursday, May 30, 2013

Something Blue VoxBox soon to come... Updated!

It came!  Read my new post here!
I joined a couple weeks ago after someone posted about a box they had received in a facebook group and have been playing around with it ever since.
I received  an email about a week ago saying that I qualify for the June "Sunkissed VoxBox" and to fill out my shipping address and a short survey and that they will be emailing me soon after. Today, I got an email from them saying...
"Hi Elaine,
Thank you for taking the "Sunkissed VoxBox" survey, but boy, do we have a surprise for you! Your responses indicated that you're a match made in heaven for the "Something Blue VoxBox"!

Wedding season is upon us and we want to send our best wishes to the bride, the bridesmaids, and the guests, too! A member of Influenster Nation AND a member of the wedding? It's meant to be and we want to show our love with the "Something Blue VoxBox."

This box is all about getting from the altar to the reception without a hitch....but we won't give any more clues, because your VoxBox is already on its way!" 
And this badge popped up under my badges! 

I was so excited when I saw the email and even more excited when the cheat sheet under the information about my soon to be box. 
These lovely brands will be in the free VoxBox that I would be getting in 1-2 weeks!

I have not used the Kiss Nail Dress stickers but saw them at Target and they are cute. I love anything that has to do my nails, very excited to see what design comes! Update- Looks like they are eyelashes and not nail related!

I already use Dr. Scholl's and have been for years, whatever comes from them I know I will love. Update- Ball of foot slips will be coming, have yet to see anything other.

I have not used or heard of Luster NOW but I have never tried any teeth whiting products, I am surprisingly excited for this also though. I think I am excited for it because all the past brides I have known have had their teeth whited, it seems to be on the bride's check/to do list. I haven't felt like a bride yet but thinking about it helps me realizes that I am a bride. Update- Looks like a full size sample of toothpaste.

I wasn't sure what the brand My Trio Rings was and after looking it up and don't know what to expect, I can't see them sending out free diamonds or gold! I am a jewelry designer/goldsmith so I am a bit of a jewelry snob but I am very intrigued, who would say no to free jewelry?! Update- Looks like we will be getting a pamphlet... not sure how are are expected to review it or if their is a discount offered with. I have yet to see anything other then that posted for My Trio Rings.  I have this sweet engagement ring, already have my wedding band designed that an old co-worker/friend will be making for me in a few months & I have already taken care of my fiance's ring. If we need to buy to actually review it is not going to happen from me, it is not needed and their rings are clearly not my style.

Again, I have not tried or heard of the product Urgent Rx but after looking it up I am excited to try it, it seems to have good reviews. I am crossing my fingers I get to try the allergies packet since I do suffer from many allergies. If is works for me I can see this going in my bride's kit. Update- I have seen only headache, they may be sending them out random but again I have only seen headache ones from the boxes. I am still crossing my fingers this stuff works, it would be handy to have on hand for my big day.

Q-Tip! I have been using Q-Tip brand stuff since before I can remember. I do not know what Q-Tip goodie will be sent in a bridal box but it will be very welcome! Update- Q-tips will becoming! I have a few boxes since we buy in bulk but these come in the handy travel size so I toss it in my purse. 

Update- I heard they send the boxes in waves so there may be differences in the boxes, these are updates from the first few people that have posted about their boxes. 

Anyway, very excited to get the box and see the goodies inside. This will be my first VoxBox which is given out to bloggers manly for reviews of the products. I will post a review here the goodies as soon as I get my box and link reviews on my profile.
If you're a member are you getting a VoxBox this coming month?
What are you getting?!
If not join me on Influenster to see if you qualify for a free VoxBox!
Send me a message on facebook with your email and I will send you an invite.
You can also see my full monthly subscription box list here 
and just discounts list here!

 It came!  Read my new post here!


  1. I'm getting the same one as you and I am very excited about it.

  2. Enjoy! I am getting one too and now I am REALLY excited to see the products! I too am wondering what My Trio Rings is going to send :)

  3. I was selected to receive this! My first one! Do you know when we can expect them in the mail? I check every day!

    1. Sadly, I do not! In the email I received it did say that it was already on the way. I am not sure if they will be sending out tracking for them or not, I have yet to get one if they do. This will be my first box from them also so I don't know how long it takes from when the email came to when it gets here. Hope it is soon, so excited!