Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Simple Framed Resin Rose Drop Earrings Tutorial

Framed Resin Rose Drop Earrings Tutorial

You will need hooks, flat back beads or stones, frame charms
roughly the size of beads & glue. I used G-S Hypo cement, it is a very
good glue, it's also pretty cheap & dries in ten minutes. I don't think you
can buy it from craft shops but you can find it online for $2-4 a tube
or at most jeweler's marts.
 Place a drop of glue in the center of the charm and place you bead
on top. Press down on the top of the bead and hold it for a few
seconds. Let it dry flat on its back as pictured above for about
ten minutes. Try not to use too much glue so nothing spills over the
sizes of the charms.
 Place the charms after they dry on the hooks and you are good to go!
 If you have double sided charms like mine you can add a picture
or leave it empty like I did. If these were bigger I would had
something to the back.
 You can see more pictures of these earrings on my etsy shop.
You can also buy supplies to make these on my etsy supply shop.

Thank you for looking, hope you enjoyed the post!

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