Sunday, January 13, 2013

We're Engaged!

During our trip to Chicago for the holidays Rob announced to his friends and family that we are engaged! We have been engaged since June 23rd 2012 but Rob didn't want the world to know or the wedding planning to start until he was able to tell his family in person. The funny part of waiting to tell them is once they knew they all asked why we didn't just call and tell them sooner! 
 I had been waiting months for all to know so I can get excited and start planning and now that all know I don't know what to do! I downloaded an app for our budget, bought a few magazines and a planner folder, and made a rough guest list for my side.
We have a date picked out too but I think we will be changing it once we start to look at venues, it will be in April 2014 though. There are old Irish superstitions that my ma use to tell me and one stuck with me.
"Marry in April when you can, Joy for Maiden and for Man."
There are others, May is a bad month to marry, November & September are good months filled with riches and joys. I am not superstitious but it's fun to add a little extra something to the wedding and it's a tradition. My ma and pa where married in April, my aunts and so were my grandparents on my ma's side. My father who remarried had his second wedding on April Fools Day.
I am also hoping for April showers. Rain on your special day can be considered a stroke of luck for several reasons.  Rain symbolizes blessings, fertility, cleansing, unity, and a new day. Due to these positive connotations, a rainy wedding day is very often considered good.
We have about 450 days till our wedding, I am very excited for everything to come.
Oh and take a look at our engagement ring!
The green stones are tsavorite garnets, my birthstone is garnet and his is emerald so we have my stone and his color mixed with the diamonds. It is us forever together.


  1. What an amazing ring!!
    congrats girl!! he must love you a lot
    hope u have a nice day!! :D