Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Garlands!

My house is very bare with only 4 days till Easter so after looking up some inspiration I decided to go with garlands! After I put the baskets out, my kid sister makes her eggs, I make all the cookies and Easter cupcakes the house will look better but I still need some things up now.

Easter Paper Egg Garland 
Make an egg template (I added a template below that you can use) and cut out a bunch of eggs (using paint chips/colour paper) and punched two holes in the top of each egg. I also like to use some bright wrapping paper.

Easter Egg Garland
I think these are so cute! I couldn't find a tutorial for these but they seem pretty easy to make. 
I will be using plastic eggs so I can store them without having to be too gentle with them. 

Make a hole in the top and bottom the the eggs using a hot needle or nail. Make sure the hole is big enough for the string or ribbon you are using. Decorate the eggs with glitter, paint or how ever you'd like. Let then dry then string the up and hang!

Carrot Garland
Using a paper trimmer, cut a 1.5 inch strip of orange card stock and punch down both sides with scalloped border punch. Trim three strips of .75 inch green card stock in lengths varying from 5 to 5.5 inches long. Fold all strips in half. Sandwich and staple as shown below. Pull the ends of the orange strips around and staple to secure in a carrot shape. String carrots together using a 1/16 inch hole punch.

Here are some Easter templates you can use to make some Easter garlands from NaNa Company!
Head to Amy's blog to download and print!

Happy Easter!

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