Friday, March 23, 2012

Easter Eggs!

 I always have my kid sister come over for Easter and we never really do much with our eggs other then dye a few with those cheap little dye kits from Target. This year I am going to go all out with the eggs! I have found a few cute tutorials online and I can't wait to try them. 

Onion Skin Easter Eggs

This one I am the most excited for. It reminds me of the crayon and hot glue gun trick but these look so much better. I have a few flowers set aside for this and may try some cut outs too.
Love these!

Egg Shell Planter

I just planted a few forget-me-nots for these, they should start to grow enough in time for my sister to make these on Easter. They will be very cute to put out on my table for dinner and she can take them home and plant them in the back yard.

Confetti Egg

These are very cute and very easy to do! I have a dozen already made. I think these will be my sister favorite, she loves water balloon fights so these will be great for her on Easter. I also wont have to deal with her being wet but my boyfriend will have to deal with glitter in our house after we come back in... That is what he gets for living with a girl!

I am still looking for more but these are a must for this Easter in my house this year. I am very excited to do these and more, it will be a get change from those boring dye kits. 

Thank for stopping by and feel free to share what your doing this year and if you try these out!

 Hope everyone has a Happy Easter next month!

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