Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Earrings from Very Enchanting Jewelry.

My boyfriend is let for New York today and will be gone for just over a week. I got a few goodies to make pretties and keep myself busy while he wasn't home but while he was packing I made them a few of them yesterday... I started with the bubble earrings but just went crazy and made to all the earrings I was going to make over the week!

I have a few bracelets and necklace in mind to keep me busy though. I'm also going to rearrange my bedroom and clean up my office... not looking forward to that at all.

These earrings are very very easy to make but can be harder depending on how much handmade you want them. If you want to make your flat back beads like I do with some of mine you'll need to make a mold (I do silicon) or buy a mold you like. You'll need to get resin and follow whatever steps you have for making the beads, this can take up to 48 hrs for the resin to be ready. You can also just buy some flat back beads from a craft stores or sites. You will be your flat back beads, earring post, earrings backs and jeweler's glue.
 Place a little glue on the back of the bead and then place you post on the glue. Hold the post in place for a moment then set it aside to dry for however long the glue says, I always leave them alone for about 24 hours even if the glue says 10 minutes. After they are all dry they are ready to wear so add on the earrings backs and you are good to go!
Bubbles! These guys are what started it. I wanted to see how they would turn out then just kept making them. They turned out way better then what I though. The posts I used make the color pop more, I was scared that the would be very visible and take away from the bubbles. 
These ones are definitely my favorite of these little button earrings. 
Foiled acrylic neon diamond zebra print stud earrings.
I love the green ones so I made a pair for myself :)
Colorful flowers, I make these before and gave them out as gifts during Christmas to a few kids I know and sent an orange pair to my aunt. She loved them!
A bouquet of earrings!
Dino Earrings, these little buddies were once buttons and now are too cute and ready to be worn by and dinosaur lover!
T-Rex yeah! I'm on the look out for some raptors to go with these guys because raptors are the best!

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