Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fake lashes on your nails!

Since I was about 17 everywhere around Halloween I hit any and all store that have fake lashes and buy all the fun cheap lashes. About two years ago while still buying I stopped going to shows and events as much so I have stopped using the lashes I buy. I have maybe 60 pairs under my sink in a small box just not being used so I though I'd give a try adding them to my nails.
This is how they came out, I think they look pretty cool but took a little longer then I thought they would.
Here's what you'll need: A top coat (I use Rimmel Top Coat), a base color , small nail scissors & lashes.
First, prep for your manicure, to make it last longer. Remove your old polish, if any, and soak your hands in warm water for a few minutes. Trim your nails and push back your cuticles but don't cut them. Do not use lotions or oils on your hands before you start, it may make the dry time longer.
Paint you base color, I am using Julep's Sophie. Its currently my favorite color.
Your cheap lashes, I ended up only using one.
Cut it in to ten pieces.
It can be tricky but apply a light coat of your top coat. I wouldn't recommend using your base color, the color may get on the lashes and hide them. 
While nail is still wet use you scissors to cut off the extra, try to cut as close to you nail bed as possible. Apply a few coats of your top coat and your done!
 After doing my left hand it was so much easier.  I was using just a small pair of craft scissor from my desk but after my left hand was done I grabbed our nail scissors and it was so much better!
Let me know if you give it a try!

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