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Julep February 2013 Maven Box & Glequins Nails

Julep February 2013 Maven Box & Glequins Nail Tutorial
My Julep box has come and I am so happy with all I got!
 There was even a little surprise in a gold bag. to go with the Red Carpet A-List theme.
  Oxygen Nail Treatment, Freedom Top Coat, Helen & Claudette. 
An added gift that no one knew about is an eyelash curler & two chocolate hearts! 
I like the size of the curler and although I only played with it I think it will replace my big old school one.
 I love the box for the Oxygen Treatment with O2 all over the side.
And the inside of the Freedom Top Coat has Julep Logo inside!
Last month they introduced there "Swatch Me" stickers and I thought it was a little cheesy, I like nice clean bottles. The polish this month came with the stickers on top so I swatched them and I actually like it. Now I want to get more stickers to do the rest.
 The Classic with a twist colors from this month. I was hoping for Valentine's day colors and thankfully my box came with. I had tried a few other styles other then what Julep suggested for me and was not as happy with the as I am with Classic with a twist so even if I think I will not like it I am only going to get Classic.
As you can see I started to do my nails, scroll down to see how I did it.
 You will need Claudette and Helen, glitter pots with small or med sequins, dotting tool/tooth pick/or just anything to pick up the sequin, a top coat and your Freedom Top Coat and a piece of tape or something you can put a top of top coat on.
First, prep for your manicure, to make it last longer. Remove your old polish, if any, and soak your hands in warm water for a few minutes. Trim your nails and push back your cuticles but don't cut them. Do not use lotions or oils on your hands before you start, it may make the dry time longer.
 I started my nails already so after your nails are clean apply a coat or two of your polish. I have Claudette on all but my ring finger where I put Helen.
 Open your glitter pots, I find it easier to use the glitter from the lid. It is flat and easier to just pick up one.
If you are trying to add a little to you lid try not to spill the whole pot on your desk like I did.
 Drop a small amount of polish on a wrapper or tape. I usually use a piece of tape but just use the wrapper for the eyelash curler that came in my box.
 Lightly coat the nail you are working on with a top coat, try to use one that does not dry fast.
 Pick up a very small amount of the top coat with your dotting tool, you will be using it to pick you the sequins.
 Lightly tap the top of a sequin to pick it up, with the top coat at the end it should be easy to pick up.
 Ready to go!
 Put the first in the middle.
 Using another color make a circle around the center.
 And with a third color circle around the last color.
 Finally, finish off with a last circle with the center color you started with.
Depending on your nail size you make need to do another circle.
 In the light you can see a kind of spiral effect due to the circles and different colors used.
Apply your Freedom Top Coat and you are done!
 This is my first time using Julep's Freedom Top Coat and I am in love with it, it is so nice. I tested it on polish with no sequins and it is like using gel! I didn't think it was going to be this good, I am differently going to now only use this top coat. I also love how fast it dried, I can not do last minute nails just before leaving my house like I always do with out having it smudge!
I love the February box, this is the only box so far that I already have plans to buy more of. I am hoping the top coat will be in this months secret store!

I have add-ons for this box that were just shipped, their new Holo polish. I can't wait to try those!

Let me know what style you are!
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You can find the glitter pots I used here.

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