Thursday, October 18, 2012

Make your own Halloween inspired wreath for under $10!

I have seen a few really cute Halloween wreath posted here and there and decided I wanted to make my own. I must say this wreath did not turn out the way I wanted. It looks fine and I am happy to have something on my door but this is not how I wanted to do it. For the first time ever my fiance Rob decided that he wanted to "help" me make something. I thought it was so sweet that I could not say no.

The few I've seen.

What you will need. 
a wreath
a few spooky plastic toys 
a glue gun
& spray paint if you are not happy with the color of the toy

Paint your toys whatever color you want. I spray painted my bats 2 nights before.
I got the glow in the dark bats at Target, it was $1 for each pack I grabbed 3 packs. I used two packs of bats on the wreath.
Rob wanted me to leave the bats as is, I did a light spray so they still glow but I got my black bats.
 This is the wreath I found at Micheals for $4, I thought it was a nice size. 
I wanted to paint it black but Rob thought it would be spookier if we left it as is... I still want to paint it black.
 Glue your toys on and that's it, you are done! 
I was going to add some small black flowers around it but Rob also though that would be lame.
 That is Smee, I have had that skull since I was in high school. I know Smee didn't have an eye patch but I did named him after Smee from Hook!
 Done and done, hang that bad boy up!
 This is Rob eating his egg sandwich while "helping" me. I don't know why he has a fork for a sandwich.
 I asked him if it looked good and this is him saying yes.
Then he got very excited because both of our cats jumped in the basket and told me to take a picture.
That is Athena and Artemis, the cutest little sister kitties ever!
Watch Artemis playing fetch!

Halloween inspired spiderweb nails!

Hope you enjoyed, 
Happy Halloween!

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